05/12/2014Armytek makes a splash with new flashlights!

You may have noticed by now that we have gone through a slight flashlight refresh. Armytek suggests you to stop in and sample our new models of spring – exclusive headlamps Tiara.

We want to hear your opinion about improved performance and new look of long-awaited novelties, which you wanted so much:


Tiara A1 Pro v2

Tiara A1 Pro

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Tiara A1 v2

Tiara A1

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Tiara C1 Pro v2

Tiara C1 Pro

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Tiara C1 v2

Tiara C1

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  • Extreme brightness 950 lumens for the flashlights of such a small size. They won’t create additional weight or cause any discomfort especially during long-term carrying.
  • TIR-optics guarantees wide light for large area illumination without an effect of “tunnel vision”. It means you get soft light border, which doesn’t cause headaches.
  • Easy operation and indication of low battery voltage. You’ll be warned about battery charge in advance. It’ll help you to prevent unpleasant situations.
  • The highest standards of durability and reliability: excellent resistance to fallings from 10 meters, harsh impacts, vibrations, scratches, dust- and water penetration. All these significantly increase the range of flashlight usage.
  • Strong and durable headband made of soft and flexible materials for comfortable fixation of the flashlight on the head. It won’t be tight, rub or fall down when you’re walking, running or repairing something.
  • Hands-free lighting. Moreover, you can aim the light where needed. You are always ready, do everything faster, more effectively and with greater safety.
  • Powered by the most popular power source – one AA battery. May be powered by 14500 Li-Ion for higher brigtness and longer runtimes.


These attractive features are simply the evidence of our commitment to keeping our flashlights up-to-date and competitive.


Don’t miss your chance to get to know our top headlamps equipped with the latest technologies that will keep you a step ahead!

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