04/11/2012Cree Announced the First EasyWhite LED on the SC³ Platform

Cree, the world leader in LED production, developed the first LED built on the SC³ Platform. The new platform enabled Cree to achieve a 25% boost in performance for new MT-G2 EasyWhite LED. New advanced MT-G2 LED produces up to 2100 lumens in warm white (3000K) at 25 watts, 85°C. It also provides for better optical control and color consistency. The new LED has the same footprint as MT-G LED - 8.9mm x 8.9mm - and can replace it in most applications offering higher light output. MT-G2 LED is represented in 2- and 4-step EasyWhite color temperatures (from 2700K to 5000K) and feature various voltage range.

The new MT-G2 LED is oriented on multiple high-output application, where a direct and powerful light is acquired. With this LED flashlights manufacturers will be able to develop and produced the most powerful devices for Search and Rescue applications offering their customers the brightest flashlights ever. As the producer of advanced professional flashlights, Armytek Optoelectronics will certainly apply the achievements of Cree and create new MT-G2-customized LED flashlight.

Learn more about MT-G2 EasyWhite LED at http://www.cree.com/news-and-events/cree-news/press-releases/2012/april/120411-mtg2.