04/21/2009Cree Expands the XLamp XP Family with Neutral and Warm LEDs

The company introduced Warm and Neutral binning for its smallest LEDs – XP-E and XP-C. Besides the two cool bins for XLamp XP family are now standardized and correspond defined by ANSI color space: 5700K-6500K. As always, the company aimed to serve its customers needs by offering 75 percent smaller bins for its LEDs which allow us better coloring, consistence and control.

These new varieties of LED bins make the smallest XP LEDs suitable for more applications and offer us new possibilities to answer the expectations of our customers. 

For more information on new bins see http://www.cree.com/news-and-events/cree-news/press-releases/2009/april/090421-smallest-led-bins.