07/10/2012Cree Introduces New XLamp® XP-G2 LEDs with 20% more efficacy

Constantly improving their technologies and products Cree continues to provide the lighting producers with more and more efficient components. With the introduction of the XLamp® XP-G2 LED Cree offers us a considerable increase in output and performance for small-footprint LEDs used in our products. 

Built on the unique SC3 Technology Platform, the XP-G2 LEDs emit high light output,  and provide higher reliability and efficacy. New XP-G2 LEDs produce up to 151 lumens per watt at 350 mA, 85°C or 165 lumens per watt at 350mA, 25°C  in cool white (both at 6000K). In warm white (3000K), the XP-G2 LED provides up to 133 lumens per watt at 350 mA, 85°C or 145 lumens per watt at 350mA, 25°C.

This boost in the performance enables us to produce new high-power flashlights for our customers and to replace the LEDs in the popular and approved existing products o ере to supply our customers with more brightness and efficacy.

For more information on XP-G2 LEDs see http://www.cree.com/news-and-events/cree-news/press-releases/2012/july/xpg2-intro.