01/14/2015Cree redefines high-powered LEDs with SC5 Technology Platform

The advanced SC5 Technology™ Platform is another basic advancement in illuminating-class LED performance. The latest platform propels the next generation of illumination with the presentation of Extreme High Power (XHP) LEDs. This newest class of LEDs can lower system costs by up to 40% in many illumination uses.

The SC5 Technology™ Platform redefines what is possible in high-powered LEDs by duplicating the lumens out of a single LED, providing lighting producers with the flexibility to innovate essentially lower cost systems.

The SC5 Technology Platform is created on Cree’s industry-best silicon carbide technology and characterizes relevant enhancements in epitaxial construction, chip structure and an improved light conversion system designed for perfect optical and thermal performance. Due to these enhancements it reaches unprecedented lumen intensity and prolonged life duration at higher operating temperatures, which can greatly decrease mechanical, optical and thermal costs at the system level.

Get additional information at: www.cree.com/SC5.