01/14/2015Cree starts production of new LEDs to cardinally lower system cost

The commercial availability of XLamp® Extreme High Power (XHP) LEDs is announced. It’s an absolutely modern class of LEDs that allow a system cost decrease of up to 40% for illumination uses. The revolutionary technique of the newest XHP LEDs will promote further significant innovations in illumination system design.

The cutting-edge performance of XHP LEDs results in new design opportunities and considerably reduced system costs for LED illumination. Cree’s latest class of XHP LEDs will boost user adoption of LED illumination.

XHP LEDs let lighting producers fundamentally decrease the size and cost of their illumination system design by applying fewer and more effective LEDs to reach the same brightness. Moreover, XHP LEDs achieve prolonged life duration even at higher currents and operating temperatures.

XHP LEDs proves that high-powered LEDs are the driving force of the industry towards the next generation of illumination system designs. XHP LEDs guarantee extraordinary performance and introduce essential improvements in brightness, design versatility and color consistency.

Get more information at: www.cree.com/xhp.