05/07/2015Cree’s recent class of LEDs significantly increases performance

DURHAM, NC - Cree, Inc. informs about the newest XLamp® XP-L High-Intensity LED. It’s the first single-die LED to reach more than 100.000 candelas. The LED is built on Cree’s revolutionary SC5 Technology™ Platform. It reaches over double the candelas than the industry’s preceding utmost-performing XP-L LED through the identical optic. The latest high-end LEDs permit lighting producers to decrease size, enhance performance and cut system cost for various usages such as outdoor and stadium illumination, track.
Cree’s innovative optic design substantially decreases optical source size by over 50%. The most distinctive feature is that the XLamp XP-L High-Intensity LED reaches unparalleled candela at 185 lm per watt at 1watt. This LED enables producers to attain higher luminous intensity with minimum redesign.
The high-end LED shows Cree’s devotion to constant innovation by conveying both unexampled power and lumens in a small form factor. It will permit lighting designers to change their thinking about employing LEDs in high-end illumination and let lighting producers to achieve performance levels previously impossible.
The XP-L High Intensity LED is disposable in up to 90 CRI and color temperatures varying from 2700 K to 8300 K.
Armytek Optoelectronics Inc. also introduces its novelties equipped with XP-L LEDs. We want to end this spring with our most refined and revolutionary devices. 
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