12/01/2015Extremely high power LEDs for a totally new performance

Cree, Inc. is glad to draw your attention to the new XLamp® XHP35 LED with 50% more light brightness. The XHP35 LED is created on the basis of Cree’s SC5 Technology™ platform and provides up to 1.833 lm. The XHP35 LEDs apply a modern12V monolithic power die that guarantees impressive high power performance at drive currents at or less than 1A. This enhancement is enabled by SC5 Technology Platform and features considerable improvements in chip architecture, epitaxial configuration and an upgraded light conversion system designed for perfect optical and thermal performance.

The XHP35 LEDs are represented in high intensity and high density variants that are optimized to ensure the maximum performance for special employments. The XHP35 High Density LED assures new levels of light brightness in the compact XP footprint for high lumen employments, such as outdoor and high bay illumination. This LED makes possible to deliver maximum candela through secondary optics to boost efficiency and decrease size for employments involving high light intensity (for example, stadium, torch and track illumination).

The XHP35 LEDs are disposable in 90, 80 and 70 CRI and color temperatures varying from 2700K to 8300K with 2-and 3-step EasyWhite® versions.

See more information at: www.cree.com