12/01/2015Highest candela performance is possible with high intensity color LEDs

Cree, Inc. presents its new elaboration – XLamp® XQ-E High Intensity LEDs. They are related to specific color LEDs designed for optical performance. Now it’s possible for illumination producers to double the candela efficiency with minimal redesign. The High Intensity LED leverages XQ-E’s optical symmetry and consistency across all colors to enhance color mixing and make the production process for illumination manufacturers easier. The XQ-E High Intensity LED is created on the basis of SC5 Technology™ Platform and represents the smallest building block available for color LED designs permitting lighting manufacturers to boost efficiency and radically decrease size for directional employments such as track and architectural illumination.


The XQ-E High Intensity LED can be in red, white, red-orange, green and blue color. This LED is a real Cree’s innovation with advanced optic design that greatly decreases optical source size by more than 50% to provide the perfect optical control. The XQ-E High Intensity in white color is disposable in color temperatures varying from 2700K to 6200K and CRI options of 90, 80 and 70.


You can find more information at: www.cree.com/xlamp/xqehi