04/08/2015If you can help, why not?

Armytek Ukraine

Armytek, one of the leaders in the world flashlight producer market, together with its exclusive distributor in the Ukraine, Delta Corporation, were glad to provide the support of child and youth epee fencing. We tried to do our best to make this event even more successful.     

The main aim that we set ourselves was to develop the children's sport, promote talented young sportsmen and help them to achieve their goals.

It should be noted that this competition was a real feast for children. All the winners and their experienced coaches received excellent awards. All the participants got acquainted with famous fencers, Olympic champions and other special guests.

Armytek was proud of the feeling that we were a part of this tournament. We hope our support will open many new opportunities for these young sportsmen as well as help develop necessary facilities to enhance their fencing skills.