03/11/2014New! Armytek Predator with Red LED!

The Ideal Flashlight for Predator Hunting!

Our technological innovations create wide opportunities, which make your life easier, brighter and more comfortable. A LED flashlight Armytek Predator v.2.5 with Red LED XP-E2 represents one of our distinguished elaborations.

Armytek Predator v.2.5 XP-E2 is an exceptional tactical flashlight specially designed for extraordinary people! Make life easier with Red LED tint that helps you do more:


Armytek Predator Red
  • - a flashlight you need for hunting and tactical application;
  • - it’s difficult to notice so it’s impossible to define your location;
  • - performs the function of masking, it means that some animals don’t react on it, which makes their tracing utterly efficient;
  • - doesn't influence your night vision

Start taking advantages of the following benefits right now: 

- excellent output - 250 m and bright light – 210 lm;

- tested reliability: stands up to recoil of any weapon and falling from the height of the 10th floor;

- narrow and directed light for precise aim highlighting;

- easy operation, several brightness modes for various conditions of using–compatibility with

- original remote switch and diverse underbarrel mounts;

- light weight and compact size for comfortable application on the weapon;

- absolute water resistance for using in any weather conditions and even under the water at the depth up to 50 m.

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Stay invisible and stay safe with one of the best flashlights!