03/15/2010New Smaller LED by Philips Lumileds was introduced

To meet raising expectations of lighting production companies and designers Philips Lumileds has developed a small and powerful Luxeon C LED. This LED provides us with an efficient cost-effective solution to cover hundreds of applications in various spheres.

With Luxeon C the producers of lighting products can lower the operation costs and energy consumption to provide their customers with highly efficient and cheap solutions for a number of applications. The main features of Luxeon C Led are:

  • Size: 2.04 mm x 1.64 mm x 0.7 mm 
  • 82 lumens per watt and 85 lumens of light output 
  • Forward voltage of 2.95 V 
  • ANSI aligned binning CCT 5000K to 5700K 
  • 70% lumen maintenance at 20,000 hours

To learn more visit http://www.philipslumileds.com/newsandevents/releases/PR131.pdf.