07/01/2014New Wizard. New Opportunities.

Armytek wants to attract your attention to the brightest headlamp in the world - Wizard. Finally it is available! You can start making orders!
Wizard is good to the last detail. You will surely enjoy its extraordinary characteristics. You may ask: Why should I have it?” Everything is clear: unbelievable brightness and simple operation of 5 modes do its part.
Armytek Wizard available
  • Extreme brightness 1200 LED lumen for the flashlight of such a small size. Now you can easily illuminate all necessary details.
  • Efficient TIR-optics provides wide light for illumination at close range and at the distance of 70 meters without causing an effect of “tunnel vision”. It means you get a soft light border, which doesn’t cause headache.
  • Exceptional body durability – Wizard successfully withstands falls, serious impacts and strong vibrations. Solid body without long wires and weak rubber connectors. It means you can apply it in various situations and not be afraid to drop it or scratch.
  • The highest waterproof standard: Wizard “laughs” at dust, dirt and heavy rains. No weather conditions can influence its operation.
  • Comfortable, strong and reliable headband. It won’t be tight, rub or fall down when you’re walking, running or repairing something. You have free hands and can aim the light where needed. You are always ready, do everything faster, more effectively and with greater safety.
  • Small weight and compact size. You can easily attach the headlamp to your backpack belt, pocket or a cap. Besides it occupies very little space in the pocket even with the headband. Wizard won’t create additional weight or cause any discomfort especially during long-term carrying.
  • Side switch guarantees you one-hand operation and quick access to the modes. Thanks to its location you don’t shift the lamp while pressing it. The button itself can stand up to million presses.
  • Powered by only one incredibly powerful battery – 18650 Li-Ion or 2xCR123A batteries.
You can choose the Wizard you prefer - with Cool White or Warm light:
Armytek Wizard v1 Armytek Wziard Warm v1
Armytek Wizard
1200 lumens

$USD 74.95
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Armytek Wizard (Warm)
1120 lumens
$USD 74.95
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