07/21/2010Osram Reaches the Highest Efficacy in Red Thin-Film LEDs

Using the new optimized chip platform Osram managed to increase the efficiency of Golden Dragon Plus LED by 30%. This achievement means a great leap in red-light illumination making this type of lighting considerably more powerful and brighter than it was earlier.

This 30% raise in efficiency was achieved for a red 1 mm² thin-film chip with the wavelength of 615 nm (InGaAlP) included in a Golden Dragon Plus package. At 350 mA this chip produces 119 lumens per watt which is the highest efficiency among the same wavelength LEDs. Such noticeable improvement in efficacy means at the same time higher outputs for same currents and lower power consumption. So the designers and producers of lighting equipment are able now not only to extend the spheres of applications for their goods and increase the light characteristics but also reduce the cost of production.

Read more about the new chip at http://www.osram-os.com/