10/22/2015Perfect occasion for testing Armytek Wizard Pro v2 XM-L2

Armytek is very proud to be the sponsor for two-week caving expedition in Đalovića Cave in Montenegro. When we were offered to become part of this event, we jumped at the opportunity to get involved and help make it an unforgettable experience and incredible adventure.

Đalovića Cave is the longest cave in Montenegro. The total length of the known corridors is 11 km. The conditions there are rather difficult: high humidity, low temperature, water flowing from stalactite formations and the possibility of falling from great heights. Not every electronic device is able to stand such kind of trials.

Caving with Armytek flashlights Armytek Wizard Caving


There has never been a more suitable moment to test headlamp Wizard Pro v2 XM-L2 in extreme conditions and to verify its reliability. And it successfully withstood the durability test and demonstrated excellent sustainability and effectiveness.


The exploration of the beauties of the underworld, illumination of various parts of cave – Wizard Pro v2 XM-L2 showed its best side. Now we are waiting for your impressions after using Armytek flashlights!


You can find more information about the expedition and Wizard Pro v2 XM-L2 in this review.