04/28/2009Philips Lumileds Introduced LEDs with 100 Lumens per watt Performance

To serve the everyday growing expectations for lighting solutions Philips Lumileds has developed and released new powerful LED – Luxeon Rebel ES. In their production the company's engineers concentrate on what is really important in LED industry – the maximal output of the LED. Luxeon Rebel ES offers us minimum 100 lumens per watt output what makes it the most efficient LED in the world in this moment.

The new LED is supposed to solve two problems of the lighting designers: the choice of the lighting resources and energy-saving problem. The main advantages that offers us Rebel ES are:

  • 100 lumens per watt performance
  • Reduced carbon footprint and energy-saving solutions
  • Simple selection of the LEDs for the designers
  • Robust performance over temperature – decrease fluctuation in output and efficiency

All these advantages make Luxeon Rebel ES one of the most efficient LED for different applications and provide us with greater possibilities in flashlight production.

To learn more about Rebel ES see http://www.philipslumileds.com/newsandevents/releases/PR110.pdf.