Product News

08/12/2019New powerful Handy C1 Vape Edition is already available!

Save your time with Handy C1 VE – charge batteries and devices fast on the way to work, on a trip or at home

06/12/2018You should see it! Two new products from Armytek!

Bicycle Mount ABM-01 and Hard Hat Mount AHM-02 are new products from Armytek.

10/09/2017Light up the dark with new Armytek Prime C1/C2 Magnet USB

Armytek is proud to offer new Armytek Prime C1/C2 Magnet USB!

10/09/2017New Magnet Weapon Mount Armytek AWM-03

Magnet Weapon Mount Armytek AWM-03 - For those who are looking for simplicity, convenience and reliability. 

10/09/2017Meet new Armytek Tiara C1 Magnet USB!

New Armytek Tiara C1 Magnet USB – New opportunities!

09/12/2017Absolutely new battery charger – Armytek Uni C2

Armytek Uni c2 charger

Meet out novelty Armytek Uni C2 – a Universal charger with Car adapter!

08/09/2017Armytek is proud to offer new world's first flashlights with Micro-USB – Elf C1 XP-L Micro-USB and Elf C2 XP-L Micro-USB.

Armytek is proud to offer new world's first flashlights with Micro-USB – Elf C1 XP-L Micro-USB and Elf C2 XP-L Micro-USB.  Armytek assures that Elf has a number of great advantagesWhy should you get these lights?

01/26/2017World's first flashlight with XHP50 LED and Magnet USB!

wizard charging

Meet our unbelievable and expectative novelty – Wizard Pro XHP50 Magnet USB and Wizard XP-L Magnet USB.

World's first flashlight with XHP50 LED and Magnet USB!


03/29/2016Be the first to say «WOW!»

New Wizard XHP50!

We all like novelties in one way or another. And creating new things for you really make us feel good! Armytek is excited to introduce the next innovative product that was announced on the Shot Show 2016 in Las Vegas!

03/10/2016Tactical novelties are in stock!

Tactical novelties are in stock

Armytek is proud to offer its customers new exceptional-quality product – tactical flashlights Partner Pro! Why should you get this light? Partner Pro is a cool durable device, compact and light-weight at the same time. Do you need to bring more light, action and style in your activities? Armytek Partner is your solution!

09/21/2015See what we suggest!

Armytek Prime v3

Armytek Optoelectronics Inc. have created and designed exceptional products since 2007 and since then we have gone on to innovate. We want to announce the release of Prime v3 that combines the best in reliability, design and functionality in a small size to bring users the next level in illumination.

08/13/2015Reach New Heights with XP-L High Intensity Limited Edition!

Armytek High Intensity
We always keep up with the latest elaborations and technologies of LED industry to provide you with the best and most innovative products.
Do you want to get something really special? Something unique and so powerful no one else has? Meet our new XP-L High Intensity Limited Edition!

04/29/2015Armytek Novelties: there are no boundaries to perfection.

Armytek Novelties

The weather is clearing up and making way for some great new reliable flashlights! Warm weather means that it’s high time for hiking, camping, hunting and all of the outdoor activities we love to do with the help of high-quality and high-power flashlights. We would like to introduce our enhanced novelties that push the limits of design and technology. 

02/18/2015Last chance to get them before they’re gone

Armytek discontinued products

Why now?

During the next week these models of flashlights will be discontinued:
Armytek Predator v.2.5
Armytek Predator Pro v.2.5
Armytek Viking v.2.5
Armytek Viking Pro v.2.5
Armytek Barracuda v.1

01/27/2015New version of Tiara & Wizard multi-flashlight in stock

Armytek headlamps v2

Armytek has been teasing you for quite some time with little bits and pieces of information about the release of new multi-flashlights. And today Wizard and Tiara v.2 have finally appeared in stock. So, if you're looking for a compact lighting solution, then look no further

01/23/2015Novelty of our experience

New Armytek Primes
A New Year has just begun and with it comes a totally new batch of hot new flashlights from Armytek! This year we've got the brightest flashlights and most advanced technologies and enhancements. If your resolution is to get a hold of the latest state-of-the-art flashlights, then Armytek is just what you need to start this year in the right way! 

08/12/2014Partner is back in stock!

Partner Limited

Some of you have already tried something really advanced and exceptional. We would like to give this opportunity to others. That’s why Armytek decided to prolong the release of Partner XM-L2 Limited Edition.

07/31/2014The Early Bird Catches the Warm! Headlamps Limited Edition.

CRI90 Headlamps

Specially for fans of warm light! Armytek headlamps Limited Edition!

4 models – Wizard, Wizard Pro, Tiara A1 Pro & Tiara C1 Pro 
With Warm 90CRI LEDs
Hurry up! Only 10 pcs of each!

07/01/2014New Wizard. New Opportunities.

New Wizard 1.5
Armytek wants to attract your attention to the brightest headlamp in the world - Wizard. Finally it is available! You can start making orders!
Wizard is good to the last detail. You will surely enjoy its extraordinary characteristics. You may ask: “Why should I have it? Everything is clear: unbelievable brightness and simple operation of 5 modes do its part.

05/28/2014Armytek Partner - Limited Edition with Cree XM-L2

Armytek Partner Limited

Do you appreciate high-quality devices? Do you want to try something really new and exclusive? You can easily achieve everything you want – with Partner XM-L2 Limited Edition.

Why does Armytek recommend it? The answer is simple. Partner XM-L2 – is a revolutionary device, which radically changes your idea of pocket flashlights. And customized with brighter XM-L2 LED it gives you even more power – amazing 700 LED lumens (1x14500 / 1xR123).

05/12/2014Armytek makes a splash with new flashlights!

New Armytek Tiaras

You may have noticed by now that we have gone through a slight flashlight refresh. Armytek suggests you to stop in and sample our new models of spring – exclusive headlamps Tiara.

We want to hear your opinion about improved performance and new look of long-awaited novelties, which you wanted so much:

03/14/2014Limited Edition! Armytek Wizard CRI90 Preorder is Open!

Wizard CRI90 Limited
Good news for all Warm Light fans - Wizards on CRI90 LEDs are being produced now. Don't miss a chance to become the owner of exclusive Wizard headlamp - the quantity is limited!

03/11/2014New! Armytek Predator with Red LED!

New Predator RED

Our technological innovations create wide opportunities, which make your life easier, brighter and more comfortable. A LED flashlight Armytek Predator v.2.5 with Red LED XP-E2 represents one of our distinguished elaborations.

Armytek Predator v.2.5 XP-E2 is an exceptional flashlight specially designed for extraordinary people! Make life easier with Red LED tint that helps you do more:

06/26/2013Armytek Headlamps in Stock Already!

Wizard v1

Armytek Optoelectronics Inc. has released its most-awaited novelties – Armytek Wizard headlamps. The first Armytek headlamps have become the product of long market research and thorough development of lighting technologies. They embody in themselves the best engineering solutions suited specifically for this kind of flashlights.

05/23/2013New Armytek Partner flashlights go on sale!

New Partner

Armytek Optoelectronics Inc., the producer of advanced professional flashlights, enters the sphere of Outdoor flashlights production with the introduction of brand-new compact flashlights series. New Armytek Partner flashlights designed to cover vast variety of multiple Outdoor Activities conjoin in themselves the power and reliability of professional lighting with user-friendly interface and small sizes of pocket EDC lights.

04/25/2013NEW Predator Pro & Viking Pro arrived!

New Tactical Lights

Armytek Optoelectronics Inc. constantly develops its advanced products and makes them even more functional and efficient. We investigate the requirements and suggestions of our customers and implement the results in our new models. And to make our popular topline flashlights – Armytek Predator and Armytek Viking – more customer- and purpose-oriented and easy up the choice of most appropriate model – Armytek has launched the REBRANDING of these tactic lights! Now both Predator and Viking flashlights will be represented in two variants - basic and professional.