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LED headlamps (headtorches) are special flashlights attached to the head with special bands to provide lighting in a number of situations. A LED headlamp can be very helpful in situations when you need both of your hands for doing some job. Headlamps are widely used in such professional activities as caving, mining, skiing, orienteering, mountaineering and so on. Hunters and military officers can also use tactical headlamps with special features. A lot of people use different kinds of headlamps every day. There are camping and outdoor headlamps, headlamps for running and extreme sports etc.

Light in LED headlamps. Light characteristics for headlamps can vary considerably. For EDC and camping headlamps the angle of the light beam is more important than its brightness and throw. The light spot should be wide and cover large area to provide lighting from all sides at close distances. Professional and tactical headlamps usually have powerful light output to deliver bright wide beam for longer distances. Outdoor headlamps can be customized with Cool, Neutral and Warm White LEDs so you can choose most preferable for you light bin. It is also important for professional LED headlamps to provide constant brightness as in many applications they are supposed to produce powerful light constantly for long period of time.

Body and operation. As these flashlights are fixed to our heads, they definitely should be light-weight and small-sized. Headlamps bands must provide reliable and comfortable connection, and the device must be easily fixed and detached. Headlamps for miners, diggers, speleologists and other extreme-lovers usually meet the highest standards of water- and impact resistance to withstand any harsh conditions. High-quality headlamps have a few most required modes suitable for different situations. They have friendly user-interface and usually can be operated by one hand.

Armytek offers you three models of high-end headlamps: Armytek Wizard, Armytek Tiara and Armytek Elf. Armytek headlamps are different in light characteristicts, power sources, LEDs, electronics and beam angles to offer you a wide choice of goods.

Armytek Wizard Pro headlamp is more powerful, and is customized with advanced electronic circuit providing constant brightness and programmable settings. It’s a unique high-output Armytek Headlamp for inspired professionals and flashaholics.

Armytek Tiara is a compact AA-headlamp for Outdoor and Every Day Applications – Running, Camping, Skiing, Fishing and so on. Due to its high-required and innovative characterstics, Armytek headlamps are the best choice for practical and experienced people.

Armytek Elf belongs to the line of multi-flashlights. This model has a number of advantages. The flashlight works in Lamp mode without a battery in the Firefly1, Firefly2, Main1 and Main2 modes. Such a function has no flashlights of this line. The integrated Micro-USB port allows you to charge the flashlight anywhere.