Armytek Elf C2 Micro-USB (Cool White) + 18650 Li-Ion

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  • Rechargeable flashlight with popular Micro-USB socket
  • Solid body without long wires, weak rubber connectors and unnecessary boxes
  • Multi-flashlight “10 in 1" has magnet in the tailcap, removable clip, headmount and possibility of tail-stand for many activities: outdoor, fishing, work etc.
  • Side switch for simple one-hand operation and 6 convenient modes
  • Active real-time control of temperature and low battery level
  • Total protection from water, dirt and dust penetration – flashlight continues to work even at the depth of 10 meters

    Battery is included in the package.

*The engraving on the flashlight may differ from the engraving on the image depending on the flashlight version.


Light & Optics

LED light output:
Beam distance, meters:
106 m
Cree XP-L
Optics :
Brightness stabilization type :
DIGITAL (CPU brightness control)

Dimensions & Weight

112 mm
Body diameter:
29 mm
Weight (without batteries):
65 g

Body & Durability

Body material :
Aircraft-grade aluminium
Body anti-abrasive finish :
Premium type III hard anodizing 400HV
Body color:
Mat Black
Waterproof and dustproof standard :
IP68 (highest)
Safe submersion depth:
Operation temperature:
-25..+40 °C
Safe fallings height:

Modes & Electronics

Color battery state indication:
Protection from accidental switch-on:
Strobe mode:
Ability to use batteries with PCB:
Battery compatibility:
1x18650 Li-Ion
Number of modes:
Runtime for maximal mode:
2 h
Runtime for minimal mode:
200 days
Armytek Elf C2 Micro-USB (Elf_C1_C2_EN.pdf, 615 Kb)

04/30/2019, 04:05 PM
Great flash light and its just as good or better than my usb Olights.
- You have a choice between warm and cool lights. I got the cool but only because it was 30 percent off on amazon. IMO get the warm. It's not as harsh and more pleasurable for viewing.
- Love the button. It's easy to find when your not looking at it. Easy to operate. And the color coded status is great. Definitely a step above my Olights.
- Lighting options are just as good as my Olight with a bit better performance.
- Included headstrap! :) Its also just clips into the strap which is great!
- There are no instructions for attaching the lanyard. As far as I can tell you have to remove the o'rings on the tail cap to install it.
- Pocket clip interferes with the charging port. You can rotate the clip and its fine though.
- If you use the pocket clip it must be removed to use the headstrap. That sucks cause the clip in feature is so quick and handy.
No included usb cable. Not a big deal though as I think most of us have tons of micro usb hanging around. lol.

02/19/2018, 09:39 AM
This headlight is amazing.. Intended for camping but once I having the belt holder on, god the holder is so strong will never come off, but I use it for outside when I'm working.. Very bright I recommend buying a vape battery where you will get the full use of your light.. The only con for this was putting the head band together.. Omg that was painful lol..

10/10/2017, 03:29 AM
This light is amazing. I normally go for the “thrower” lights, but once I used this for a while I love it. The elf is really versatile, and simple to use.i recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good edc or a light you can use in a variety of ways
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