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When we speak about Outdoor flashlights we describe a vast variety of applications. From one hand, an outdoor flashlight can be powerful and high-end, designed for a number of spheres of interest like hiking, cycling, fishing and extreme games. From the other hand it can also be a small pocket flashlight for frequent usage or mini LED flashlight for EDC. Depending on the application, Outdoor flashlights differ in performance and other features.

Camping flashlights generally have high light output, a few modes and, what is most important, long runtimes. They also must be water and impact resistant to provide reliability in various situations. A high-end camping flashlight provides you with constant and bright light for long periods of use, economically consumes battery power and never loses functionality in harsh environments.

Household and every day carry flashlights are used in various life situations. You can use an EDC flashlight to go down to the basement and walk the dog, go out at night, repair the car and so on. It is commonly a small LED flashlight preferably with easy operation, 3-4 modes and widely used power elements that you can buy in every store. And due to small weight and compact size you can have this pocket flashlight always by the hand.

For every day carry and usage you can also choose a mini LED flashlight (EDC) which can easily be placed to your bag or pocket and supply you with light in common situations – it helps you to find things in a bag or in a car, lighten up a dark room etc. For such application you can also use a keychain flashlight with 1 or 2 modes and one-hand operation. Assembling a mini flashlight to your keys guarantees that you won't forget your light at home and will be always able to use it in everyday life.

Armytek Outdoor and Camping flashlights vary in size, light characteristics and power sources to provide you with a really wide choice of reliable and high-grade lighting devices completely suitable for desired application field. Armytek Prime series is more professional and includes advanced flashlights with FULL stabilization circuit and color voltage and temperature indication. Each Armytek Prime flashlight will supply you with constant wide light and different modes to meet any requirements. Prime is a perfect outdoor and camping flashlight with side switch button for extreme-lovers, outdoorsmen and sportsmen. Armytek Partner series includes flashlights with easy operation and ergonomic design. Armytek Partner flashlights as well as Primes are obtainable in diverse sizes and are powered by different types of batteries, offering you perfect performance and long operation times.