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The most long-throw Armytek flashlights are searchlights. Both amateurs, and professionals appreciate them for prolonged runtime, impressive brightness and ability to highlight objects at great distances even under water.

The main specifications of a search flashlight include beam distance, water resistance (during prolonged submersion), impact resistance and a wide range of operating temperatures. Armytek searchlights have record runtime — up to 500 days on one set of batteries. They also comply with the international IP68 standard, withstand fallings from a height of 30 meters and submersion to a depth of 50 meters up to 5 hours. In combination with a deep curved reflector the LEDs used in Armytek Barracuda models give a narrow beam of light of an impressive range. The flashlights also have a grip for comfortable use when held in gloves or with wet hands.

These characteristics and comparatively small for the category weight make Armytek Barracuda an ideal searchlight flashlight for search and rescue operations in water and on land, underwater fishing and diving.