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To the category of Search and Rescue belong highly effective and the most powerful flashlights used by police, rescuers and search teams in course of their operations. Those who search for people and objects, save injured in accidents and catastrophes need to be equipped only with the brightest lights with far throw and wide beam.
A high quality professional rescue flashlight must be waterproof  (even submersible) and impact resistant, as well as have wide operational temperature range. Besides rescue flashlights should have a firm grip to be easy operated in gloves or with wet hands.  Highest lumen flashlights are also widely used in search operations. It is important for a search flashlight to produce far-throwing and at the same time wide beam to cover larger areas. Neutral White LEDs are preferable for such lights, as they aren't that dazzling and enable users to see more details.
Armytek Barracuda is customized with the world's brightest and highly efficient Cree LED XP-L, delivers high intensity output and is strong build and reliable. Deep reflector with most effective curves used in this high-end search and rescue flashlight enable it to produce wide beam for great distances. All this combined with constant brightness, considerable light weight and easy mode operation make Barracuda a perfect search flashlight with impressive performance and highest possible reliability.