09/21/2015See what we suggest!

Armytek Optoelectronics Inc. have created and designed exceptional products since 2007 and since then we have gone on to innovate. We want to announce the release of Prime v3 that combines the best in reliability, design and functionality in a small size to bring users the next level in illumination.

We have strived to give our customers the best possible experience with the durable usable Prime v3. The EDC flashlight is equipped with the brightest LED XP-L for better vision in partial and complete darkness. What is more, Prime v3 became much lighter compared to the previous version. You will enjoy a compact version that fit in the palm of your hand. 
Prime v3 was designed for users looking for excellent characteristics, innovations and totally new style. Armytek does everything to help you find the flashlight of your dreams. Get Prime v3, it is available now!

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09/25/2015, 02:45 AM
Sounds great! Have been waiting for those. I think I might get one.
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