Service maintenance


  • Always follow the instructions from the product's manual and recommendations on battery usage.
  • Apply only the recommended power sources.
  • Do not reverse battery polarity.
  • Do not use different power sources together, i.e. old ones with new ones, charged with
  • discharged. Do not use different types of batteries combined as the element with less capacity can be damaged.
  • Do not modify or recast the flashlight and its components as it will deprive you of the warranty.
  • Do not allow water or any other liquid to leak into the flashlight.
  • Do not aim a turned-on flashlight at people's or animals' eyes – it can cause temporary blindness.
  • Do not allow children to use the flashlight without your assistance.

Care and Storage

It is recommended to clean the threads and O-rings off dirt and old grease. Remember that secure protection from water and dust cannot be provided by worn out sealing. And fouling as well as lack of lubricant cause fast wear-out of threads and sealing rings.

To clean the threads do the following:

  • Unscrew the tailcap and remove the sealing ring carefully with a toothpick (do not use sharp metal things as they can damage the ring).
  • Wipe the sealing ring thoroughly with a soft cloth (or tissue). Do not use solvents. If the sealing ring is worn out or damaged replace it by a new one.
  • Clean the metal threads with a brush using ethanol. Be careful not to allow applied liquid to get inside the flashlight or tailcap as it can cause fails in functionality of the flashlight.

After cleaning lubricate the thread and the sealing ring with polyalphaolefin-based silica grease, e.g. Nyogel 760G.The application of automotive and other improper grease can cause swelling and damage of the sealing rings.
In case of active operation and exploitation in dusty environments, it is recommended to perform cleaning and lubricating of the parts as often as required, even if it is more than twice a year.

Service and Warranty

Armytek provides free warranty repair for 10 years from the purchase.
Warranty doesn't cover damage caused by:

  • Improper usage.
  • Attempts to modify or repair the flashlight by nonqualified specialists.
  • Longtime application in chlorinated or polluted water, or other liquids (other than water).
  • High temperatures and chemicals' exposure (including the exposure of liquid from defected batteries).
  • Usage of low-quality batteries.