Body & Durability

Body material and anti-abrasive finish
Our flashlights have a strong, difficult to break body made of aircraft-grade aluminum and are designed to have minimum weight with sufficient durability. All flashlights have Premium type III hard anodizing 400HV.
Waterproof and dustproof standard
  • Water resistance standard: IP68 (the highest)
  • Metric profile thread used 
  • An O-ring and an extra L-ring of a specific shape to increase glass sealing
Double O-rings for the best waterproof
Two silicone O-rings are installed at each side of the battery tube of the flashlight to improve water resistance.
Impact-resistant front bezels
The flashlight has impact-resistant stainless steel bezels at both ends used to protect it in case of falling down and as well to provide opportunity to use it in combat situations. In the Gold and Black version the steel bezels are also covered by titanium compounds with the hardness of 2000-3000HV.
Protection of electronics by compounding it in the aluminum capsule
To ensure functionality in difficult environments, the electronic driver of the flashlight is placed in a special aluminum capsule and is completely covered with a durable compound. This actually protects it from both the environmental impact  and from mechanical damage.
Removable stainless steel clip
The clip is functional and easy to use.
Threads lubricated by Nyogel 760G (USA)
All threads, rubber parts and other parts of the flashlight that experience friction or contact with water are lubricated with a special dense grease NyoGel 760G.