Unique technologies

We use the most effective and world's first technologies in our products:
Long-Range Optics Technology

Specially designed reflectors with optimal curve provide maximal light focusing and throw. Better than usual parabolic ones.

Flat Runtime Technology
Enables to get a bright and constant light even with almost discharged battery. S-Tek is the only driver in the world that enables the user to choose the type of stabilization. 

Step Runtime Technology
(Armytek basic models). A completely new last generation driver provides longer runtimes and constant light for each runtime step.

Firefly Technology
In Armytek Predator Pro and Viking Pro we use doubled electric circuits. Even when the main circuit is damaged, the system is able to work on reserve circuit emitting during 130 days enough light to enable the user to survive in an emergency case.

Intelligent Li-Ion Protection technology
Prolongs the lifetime of rechargeable batteries and prevents unexpected switching-off.

Electronics Supervisor Technology
Supplies the full electronics control which defines the most efficient brightness mode in extreme conditions.

Slim Profile Technology
Reduces the weight of flashlights saving its durability and reliability.

Steady Step-Up Technology
(Armytek Pro models). Complete compatibility with LiFePO4 batteries that can be fully charged in 10 minutes and have best frost-resistance. LiFePO4 batteries can be used safely.