04/03/2014The Brightest Discrete XLamp XB-H LED Is Introduced!

Cree demonstrated its leadership in a LED lighting market once again. It’s truly a top-level innovator of LEDs. One of its latest achievements is a new Cree High-Density Discrete LED, which represents a cutting-edge combination of luminancy and efficiency in a small packing. It easily delivers more than 500 lumens and exists in different color temperatures!
The XLamp XB-H LED assures the industry’s highest optical control factor (OCF). High-OCF LEDs allow lighting producers to enhance the performance of any illuminating design, build up smaller and cheaper systems, create advanced lighting solutions that were impossible to realize not long ago.
Cree succeeded in bringing this level of performance to such a compact size. The XB-H LEDs supplied with high-OCF guarantee new levels of output and optical control to perfect design flexibility, increase efficiency and reduce system cost without any loss of reliability.