07/31/2014The Early Bird Catches the Warm! Headlamps Limited Edition.

Specially for fans of warm light! Armytek headlamps Limited Edition!

4 models – Wizard, Wizard Pro, Tiara A1 Pro & Tiara C1 Pro 

With Warm 90CRI LEDs

Hurry up! Only 10 pcs of each!

90CRI Headlamps

Why 90CRI Armytek headlamps?

  • Warm light illuminates best through fog and smoke and provides better color perception. Efficient TIR optics provides flood light with a smooth blend into darkness for illumination surrounding area without causing “tunnel vision” effect. When the light edge is contrast like in ordinary flashlights, the beam creates a tunnel of light that may cause a headache after long-time application.
  • Exceptive body durability – the headlamp successfully stands up falls, strokes and vibrations. Solid body without long wires, weak rubber connectors and unnecessary boxes. It means you can apply it in various situations and not be afraid to drop it, scratch or get snag to the bush.
  • The highest waterproof standard: the headlamp «laughs» at dust, dirt and rain. No weather conditions can influence the headlamp operation.
  • Comfortable, strong and reliable headband. Small weight and compact size. Both free hands and light directed where you look. You can carry the lamp for a long time: it doesn’t disturb your actions, become a burden or cause discomfort.
  • Package set includes a convenient two-side clip - you can easily attach the headlamp to a backpack belt, a pocket or a cap.
  • The side switch button allows you to operate the headlamp easily even with one hand and access main modes quickly. Due to the button location you don’t shift the lamp when pressing it. And the button itself can stand up to million presses.
CHOOSE the headlamp you want:
Wizard Pro v1.5 Wizard v1.5 Tiara A1 Pro v1.5 Tiara C1 Pro v1.5

Armytek Wizard Pro

630 lumens, 50 meters


Armytek Wizard

630 lumens, 50 meters


Armytek Tiara A1 Pro

330 lumens, 30 meters


Armytek Tiara C1 Pro

330 lumens, 30 meters



Order now – Remember! We have only 10 pcs of each model!


Be the Early Bird – Catch Your Warm!


***Have you noticed another surprise in this message? Wizards Pro are back in stock! (not only 90CRI ones;))***