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12/24/2015Be sure you know everything about runtime

Flashlight runtimes
If you decided to acquire a LED flashlight, runtime is a rather significant parameter to consider. If you wonder “What is a runtime?” – here’s the answer. Runtime is defined as the amount of time elapsed from initial switching of the flashlight until the brightness decreases to 10% of the lumen rating in continuous operation. To put it simply, runtime specifies how long a flashlight can function on the same set of batteries. 

09/03/2015Battery types. How to choose the power source for your device.

Batteries types

The range of different types of batteries has widely expanded in the last few years. They are available now for application in various devices. Batteries are specially designed to provide excellent performance and long life for diverse applications.

08/10/2015What is a “dedomed” LED is and how it increases the beam intensity?

Dedomed LEDs

If you’ve ever heard about dedomed LEDs you probably want to know:

1. What is so special in these LEDs?
2. If they are so special why aren’t they widely applied by flashlights’ manufacturers?

03/27/2015Light will rule. The true history of flashlights.

Flashlight History
Since the dawn of history, mankind feels a strong need for hand-held sources of light. There were various candles, torches, oil and kerosene lamps to carry around. But there was a catch: in view of the fact that flame was used as a light source, they were unsafe and risky. This problem was resolved with the creation of incandescent electric bulb and of dry battery at the end of the 19th century.

01/16/2015How do you determine the right flashlight for you?

right flashlight
Initially, the procedure of selecting a proper flashlight might seem confusing. In view of the fact that nowadays there are various advanced flashlight technologies and countless number of choices available, it’s more difficult than ever before to take the right decision. 

12/15/2014Multi-flashlights. All-purpose lights for every task.

Armytek Multi-flashlights

Application of multi-flashlights widens substantially the range of your opportunities. They guarantee a required light output and even illumination irrespective of task’s complexity.

11/14/2014High power LED flashlight - a clear view and full control of any situation

Search & Rescue flashlights

Today high power LED flashlights spark great interest and there are some reasons for their popularity. They are extremely bright, impressively far-throwing and unimaginably reliable.

12/07/2013How to choose a Tactical Flashlight. Flashlights for Hunting and Military

How to choose Tactical flashlight

In our modern world you can hardly imagine a field of activity where flashlights are not used. One of the greatest classes of flashlights is Tactical. But what do we know about tactical flashlights? Let’s make a brief review of them and define the main features that will help you to choose a tactical flashlight of the best quality.

11/13/2013EDC flashlights. What is the best EDC light for you?

How to choose EDC flashlight

Nowadays there is a multiple choice of flashlights. Every person can choose a flashlight according to his purpose and application. For example:

 - for hunting one must have a gun mounted flashlight;
 - for fishing and hiking – a headlamp or a camping flashlight;
 - for day-to-day use – a pocket flashlight;
 - for police and law enforcement – a tactical flashlight;
 - for cycling – a bicycle flashlight.

10/23/2013Headlamps. Fields of use and main features of the best LED headlamps.

Tips to choose a headlamp

LED headlamps are getting more and more popular in different spheres of human life. Such high demand for headlamps can be explained by a number of fundamental advantages. The main quality of headlamp is “free hands”. You can do anything you want using two hands. Thanks to this fact the efficiency of work is higher and the safety is better. You will be pleased with comfort of LED headlamps.


Today you may employ the brightest headlamp in every possible area. It is utterly useful and required device not only in industry but also in every day life. For instance, they come in handy in fishing, hiking, cycling and roller-skating in late hours, skiing, repairing a car in the garage, reading books and many other situations. They are broadly used by diggers, speleologists, tourists, hunters, miners, firemen, sportsmen, climbers, etc.