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Be a Dealer!

Armytek Optoelectronics Inc. is a highly reliable flashlights production company, engaged in the development of the high-performance LED lighting solutions. Due to the advanced innovative technologies and high-quality components and materials used in production, we offer you extremely reliable and progressive flashlights. Our products respond to the highest customers’ requirements and are widely used in a number of fields such as military, law enforcement, hunting, diving, fishing, camping, mountain climbing, etc.
Why are Armytek flashlights unique?
  • 10 years no-hassle warranty.
  • The best and tried-and-true components by the USA and Japan.
  • The team of scientists and engineers engaged in military and space industry.
  • Particular attention to durability and technologies, not only to external design.
  • Key product features are in advance in similar models of competitors.
  • Each flashlight model is designed as more suitable for specified application spheres.
  • Guaranteed durability - stands up falling from 10th floor height and submergence up to 50 meters depth.
  • Constant brightness even in -25°C frost and almost discharged batteries.
Why is working with us profitable for you?
  • High profit up to 170%.
  • New products. Armytek produces innovative, extremely powerful and the most technically advanced flashlights in the world.
  • Excellent prices. Direct delivery from the factory allows you to get unsurpassed wholesale prices for the quality goods.
  • Solutions to your clients requests and individual products with your logo and additional options (OEM/ODM).
  • Variety. We regularly do market research and test our products to propose you only tradable and most up-to-date models.
  • Advertisement. We not only sell products, but also actively make world-wide promotion of them.
  • Feedback. We provide systematic feedback to make sure that our products completely fit your needs and requirements.
  • Special conditions for your first and next orders.
  • Full service from one manager.

If you are interested in partnership and cooperation with our company simply fill in the form below or send a message to with the mark "Be a dealer". We supply you with further information on profit and discount you can get, and help you to make the first order on special conditions.