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Warranty request

Please fill in the form below, in order that we provide you with quality warranty service.

Warranty service process

1. Fill in the Warranty Request form (form is below), specify the reason of the malfunction and attach the video video describing the problem (the video should not exceed 20 MB in size). Our service manager will contact you within one working day.

2. After finding out the problem with your flashlight or accessory, you will receive an email stating the address where your flashlight should be sent for diagnostics and repair.

3. Send us a photo / scan of the bill (and tracking number), which confirms sending of your flashlight to our address.

4. Then we will start solving your warranty сase.

5. Our manager will contact you after the problem will be solved.

6. When the parcel is packed and sent to the return address, our manager will contact you and provide you with a tracking number.


1. The problem with the electronics (the flashlight does not switch on, suddenly stopped working, the contacts inside burned out).

2. Crack on the glass caused by thermal impact of the flashlight's elements.

3. The problem with tailcap (because of it the flashlight stoped working).

4. The problem with accessories (tear, crack).