High-quality flashlight accessories can substantively extend the spheres and capabilities of application and as well improve the performance and comfort of usage. For Hunting and Military applications the right choice of tactical accessories can definitely become “half the battle”. Durable and strong gun mounts enable to fix a flashlight on a barrel and efficiently use it for aiming. Remote switches provide comfortable usage and direct access to the flashlight when applying on long guns. Different flashlight filters transform the white light beam into green, red or blue, depending on the circumstances. Due to the specialized characteristics color filters offer the most suitable light for desirable activity. Reliable and powerful batteries with the highest capacity supply your flashlight with best performance and long runtimes. And thick grease prolongs the lifetime of the flashlight and improves its waterproof characteristics and durability.
Armytek supplies you with only high-grade flashlight accessories that perfectly suit Armytek lights and offer you easy and comfortable appliance. Our tactical accessories are designed especially to be used with Armytek hunting and military flashlights, providing you with means to enhance the performance and get excellent efficacy of application.