To provide your flashlights with high-capacity power sources Armytek offers you only the best batteries of different types. Most reliable and trustworthy power elements used commonly in flashlights are lithium batteries CR123A and rechargeable Li-Ion batteries 18650. They supply the most powerful devices as flashlights and cameras with reliable delivery and provide long runtimes.

18650 Li-Ion batteries are generally used in professional high-grade flashlights as they offer maximal capacity for most energy-consuming products. We offer you unprotected and protected 18650 batteries that can be safely used in flashlights. Our tactical flashlights - Armytek Predator & Viking - are customized with built-in battery protection circuit and are fully compatible with unprotected 18650 Li Ion and LiFePO4 batteries. This gives you a possibility to use the highest capacity Panasonic 18650 batteries with them for longer runtimes or LiFePO4 batteries that maintain lowest operation temperature and are recharged fast. A protected Li-Ion battery integrates a special electronic circuit which secures it from full discharge, short circuit and overcharge. Protected 18650 Li-Ion batteries provide safe and effective operation for powerful flashlights that work at high amperage, like Armytek Barracuda.

Due to their small size CR123A batteries are often used in pocket EDC flashlights. But inspite of it CR123A lithium battery is rather powerful and can be as well used as an economic variant to energize high-performance flashlights. CR123 batteries can also become a perfect reserve power source in case you don’t have an ability to recharge your 18650 batteries.