Li-Ion batteries nowadays are the widespread power source as for flashlights and for other devices, and it is most important to supply yourself with smart and reliable charger for Li-Ion elements. High-quality Li-Ion charger maintains high currents and charges your batteries in minimal possible time. Another valuable thing you may pay attention to, while choosing the best charger is protection from over charging. With a cheap and simple 18650 charger you should always watch the time not to leave your batteries in it for too long as it will damage the cells. But a high-grade charger for Li-Ion batteries cuts off power supply automatically when the batteries are charged completely. Advanced modern Li-Ion chargers also have two (or more) independent channels enabling you to charge Li-Ion batteries with different voltage value. It means you can put in a 18650 charger batteries with different degree of discharge and not worry that one of them will in the end be overcharged but the other, vice versa, undercharged. And for those who travels often and spends most time outdoor producers offer Li-Ion chargers with 12V-adapters that enable to charge batteries during a trip directly in the car.