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Tactical flashlights are developed and designed especially to be used with weapon. They can be used hand-held or mounted on a weapon barrel to provide sufficient aiming and pursuing the target. Such specialized orientation defines the main features that a high-quality tactical flashlight must possess. As it is used with weapon LED tactical light must be lightweight (not to create additional ballast) and shock resistant (to stand up the recoil). Taking into account that a weapon flashlight is often used in very harsh environments it must be highly reliable and durable, as well as waterproof and thermal-resistant. And as for performance, tactical flashlights must produce high light output for long throw and have multiple modes to be adjustable to any situation.
The main spheres of applications where tactical flashlights are used in are Hunting, Military, Police & Law Enforcement. What is most important for lights in these spheres? A law enforcement flashlight is supposed to be generally hand-held as it is used commonly with short arms. It means that choosing a police flashlight you must definitely pay attention to weight and firm grip. Such flashlights should also have very high maximal output and strobe mode as they are often used to disorient оr temporary blind an enemy. Most law-enforcement flashlights also have impact-resistant crenelated bezels and can be used for glass-breaking and defense.
Military flashlights are commonly used barrel-mounted, so the weight is also important for this application. Tactical flashlights for this application must provide long runtimes, as it’s hard to change or recharge batteries at the battlefield. The beam of light must be focused and have long range to aim at distant targets. Besides a high-grade military flashlight must have a robust construction with durable and impact resistant body to withstand extreme environments. Combat crenelated bezel and strobe mode are also helpful for close-in fighting and disorienting. 
Hunting flashlights are similar to military in function and should combine the same characteristics: focused light and far beam distance, shock and impact resistance, light weight and long runtimes. Besides LED hunting lights should be compatible with various color filters, mounts and remote controls for more efficient and comfortable usage.
Armytek has been engaged in the production of tactical lights for years and our experienced engineers know exactly which characteristics weapon lights must conjoin in themselves. Armytek tactical lights are not just better than other flashlights but they are in fact unique combining the highest possible performance and unprecedented advanced technologies. Offering you constant brightness, high light output, programmable modes and robust design, Armytek military and hunting flashlights are the best choice for law enforcement agencies and police officers, as well as military men and hunters.