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Nowadays LED flashlights are considered to be the most efficient and trustworthy luminaires in the world. But what really makes them stand out in the vast variety of other light sources? The reasons for this are the incontestable advantages LED flashlight offers us. The lifetime of LEDs is substantially longer than of any other lighting sources: modern LEDs have operation time up to 50 000 hours. Another point is that LEDs produce the highest possible light output – the amount of LED flashlight lumens (in which light output is measured) runs into thousands! And the most important benefit of the LED lighting is low power consumption which provides longer runtimes and longer batteries’ life. Thus, equipping yourself with a high-grade LED flashlight you get more power, brighter light and durable light source in one reliable and cost-effective device.
Great variety of LED types provides the wide range of various flashlights suitable for every application. Most powerful LED flashlight as Armytek Barracuda can be used in Search and Rescue operations when high output and wide visual range are important. Most durable, efficient and bright flashlights with high impact resistance and a number of modes become essential means in Hunting, Military and other tactical applications. Waterproof and submersible flashlights are widely used in diving and spearfishing. Besides there is a plenty of various compact LED flashlights and headlamps for common usage – from more solid ones for household and different spheres of interest to small key chain flashlights for EDC.
Armytek offers you only high quality and most advanced led flashlights with perfectly balanced characteristics. Armytek lights combine in themselves unique technologies no other producers can provide.  Our products are developed by high qualified and experienced specialists and they are produced from the best materials and are customized with the latest innovative components to meet all the highest expectations.  We constantly develop our LED flashlights and also extend the range of different purpose-oriented product series to cover all possible applications. No matter what sphere of interest or work you seek a LED flashlight for, you can choose one of Armytek high-end powerful and bright flashlights and get exactly what you want.