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Whether you are choosing a tactical flashlight, a headlamp or an every day carry flashlight, it is always important to take into consideration all the specifications that influence the device’s quality. A good flashlight survives mechanical damages, ensures maximum beam intensity and battery life duration. Compliance with these requirements largely depends on the type of the light source, the most effective of which today is a light-emitting diode.

An Armytek high power LED flashlight gives you the best beam brightness and distance while being resistant to vibrations and falls and allowing the battery to last longer. Every Armytek high power flashlight is not only LED, but also has a high-strength body and is compatible with the most popular battery types. Our team of specialists is constantly improving the technologies and expanding the possibilities of application. The most powerful and bright Armytek flashlights are Pro versions. They are ideal for specialized tasks in challenging conditions. Reliable, shockproof and waterproof tactical flashlights are effective during military operations and while hunting. Long-throw searchlights are designed for rescue teams and divers. Compact and lightweight multiflashlights and EDC lights with easy intuitive control are suitable for everyday use and carry.